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Imagine the frustration of not being able to convey your thoughts clearly or feeling disconnected from those around you. It's like being stranded on an island of miscommunication.


Introducing Our Relationship Series, a collection of journals designed to help navigate the ups and downs of inter personal relationships.


Each journal is tailored to a specific stage of life. 


Use it to navigate the highs and lows with some guided questions. Jot down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Strengthen your connections, bridge the gaps, and sail smoothly through the waves of interaction. Let the journal be your guiding light in the journey of meaningful communication and deeper connections.

Our Relationship Series

  • With My New Body:  Guided questions ideally for anyone navigating cosmetic surgery, significant weight loss/gain, accident or life threatening medical treatment/recovery phases like post mastectomy, c-section, TBI or concussion (aka "invisible" changes to the body).  Nothings too gross or off limits to ask. Or is it?

    With Your Parent Moving In: Some funny, some serious guiding questions to help get the mood and vibe right in your house for  stronger family bonding. Extended family households are growing. 

    Rewrite The Shadow Story: Many people are finding great tools and resources to learn more about the "shadow side" theory. Use thoughtfully designed pages to practice the 'rewrite' method for moving through some of your toughest memories.  

    With Me: Neuro differences are part of life. Sometimes writing to communicate is a welcomed alternative to talking it out. Use these guiding questions (you may never have thought of) to help your loved ones understand you better. 

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