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Navigating the vast sea of advice and information can be overwhelming. We understand that following through in real life using Therapy can be challenging, leaving you unsure of what to try next or if your current plan is working at all. Did you quit going? It's frustrating when you feel like your time is wasted or when you stop going because you think everything is fine, then you are right back into a funk. 


Introducing the Mindset Tracking Journal.


This is your personal companion for your journey towards better mental well-being. Just like you track calories, steps, and money, or source of an allergic reaction, why not have a method to track your mental hygiene practices and what works for you?

With our journal, you can start today and embark on a transformative process. Each journal includes a simple 3-step tracking practice that allows you to monitor your progress effectively. Furthermore, it offers plenty of space for you to reflect on your individual growth and write down your thoughts.

But it doesn't stop there. Our journal also provides pages of powerful mantras for you to adopt as you replace thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. It's a comprehensive tool designed to empower and guide you towards a healthier mindset.


Take charge of your mental well-being with the Mindset Tracking Journal - because it's time to prioritize yourself and embrace positive change.

Black and Happy21 Day Mindset Series

Product will be released March 19th
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