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Trying to get your work published can feel like wandering in a maze. If you are piecemealing internet information and accumulating stacks of notes, yet still not sure which way to turn, Robson & Puritan can demystify the process and help you reach your destination—publication. Let us help you put together a plan with actionable steps you can take. Calculated. Researched. Tailored just for you.


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    Together, we create your plan of action

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    I have questions. You have questions.

Additional notes before deciding to work with Robson and Puritan

We are not a hybrid or vanity press. Vanity press or hybrid publications ask authors to pay all or some of the costs associated with publishing, marketing and/or distribution; requiring authors to buy copies of their book; or crowdfund. This is not us. 

We offer guidance and support so that you can self-publish your work, or we can work with you under non-standard book contracts (i.e. you keep all rights to your work, we take no royalties, etc…).

We do not exclusively publish writing or books by members of a closed group.

We do not currently support writing for children under the age of 13 or academic focused works. 

We are a start-up which has its limitations and benefits. For example, when you are ready to pursue a publishing house or contest entries for your work, you will still have full creative control and legal ownership of your work.


We can provide you, as part of an independent action plan, how to set up your work for your next level beyond us. We sign a NDA. 

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