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5 Steps to Game Design 🎮

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This is NOT a coding course. Whew! This is a self paced career-prep course toward becoming a Game Designer. Stop thinking it is impossible. It is NOT a pipe dream. Who do you think creates the game concept? The interactive storytelling? The characters? The conflicts? The winning gameplay? Game Designers, that's who. This course is for Ages 16+ In this course you will use 5 weeks to work on an original game narrative, learn to craft a powerful interactive experience and practice pitching yourself like in a professional studio. After course completion, you will receive a certificate and a hard copy of your final, original game narrative document submission. A minimum 820L reading level is needed. Take a pre-test here: Contact us for information about other age groups or for modifying and accommodating options for learning differences. Discount available for SSD recipients. No application needed, based on honor system. Please contact us for more details.

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